Source code for census_geocoder.errors

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

# The lack of a module docstring for this module is **INTENTIONAL**.
# The module is imported into the documentation using Sphinx's autodoc
# extension, and its member class documentation is automatically incorporated
# there as needed.

import warnings
from validator_collection import validators

[docs]class CensusGeocoderError(ValueError): """Base error raised by the **Census Geocoder**. Inherits from :class:`ValueError <python:ValueError>`. """ pass
[docs]class CensusGeocoderWarning(UserWarning): """Base warning raised by the **Census Geocoder**. Inherits from :class:`UserWarning <python:warnings.UserWarning>`.""" pass
[docs]class CensusAPIError(CensusGeocoderError): """Error raised when the `Census Geocoder API`_ returned an error.""" pass
[docs]class ConfigurationError(CensusGeocoderError): """Error raised when a geocoding request was configured incorrectly.""" pass
[docs]class UnrecognizedBenchmarkError(ConfigurationError): """Error raised when a :term:`benchmark` has been specified incorrectly.""" pass
[docs]class UnrecognizedVintageError(ConfigurationError): """Error raised when a :term:`vintage` has been specified incorrectly.""" pass
[docs]class MalformedBatchFileError(ConfigurationError): """Error raised when a batch file is structured improperly.""" pass
[docs]class NoAddressError(ConfigurationError): """Error raised when there was no address supplied with the request.""" pass
[docs]class BatchSizeTooLargeError(ConfigurationError): """Error raised when the size of a batch address file exceeds the limit of 10,000 imposed by the `Census Geocoder API`_.""" pass
[docs]class NoFileProvidedError(ConfigurationError): """Error raised when a batch file indicated in the request does not exist or cannot be read.""" pass
class EntityNotFoundError(CensusGeocoderError): """Error raised when a matching geographic entity could not be identified. Inherits from :class:`CensusGeocoderError`. """ @staticmethod def evaluate(result, request_type = None): """Returns ``True`` if the `Census Geocoder API`_ was unable to match a geographic entity to the request. Returns ``False`` if the API was able to match successfully. :param result: The response from the `Census Geocoder API`_. :type result: :class:`requests.Response <requests:Response>` :param request_type: The classificaiton of the geocoding request. Indicates what type of data is to be returned, which determines how the result is evaluated. Expects either ``'geographies'`` or ``'locations'``. :type request_type: :class:`str <python:str>` :returns: ``True`` if geocoding was successful. ``False`` if not. :rtype: :class:`bool <python:bool>` """ if result.status_code == 404: return True if result.text == '{}': return True as_dict = validators.dict(result.json()) if request_type == 'locations': matched_addresses = as_dict.get('result', {}).get('addressMatches', []) if not matched_addresses: return True if request_type == 'geographies': matched_addresses = as_dict.get('result', {}).get('addressMatches', []) geographies = as_dict.get('result', {}).get('geographies', []) if matched_addresses and not geographies: return False elif not geographies: return True return False