Error Reference

Handling Errors

Stack Traces

Because the Census Geocoder produces exceptions which inherit from the standard library, it leverages the same API for handling stack trace information. This means that it will be handled just like a normal exception in unit test frameworks, logging solutions, and other tools that might need that information.

Census Geocoder Errors

CensusGeocoderError (from ValueError)

class CensusGeocoderError[source]

Base error raised by the Census Geocoder. Inherits from ValueError.

CensusAPIError (from CensusGeocoderError)

class CensusAPIError[source]

Error raised when the Census Geocoder API returned an error.

ConfigurationError (from CensusGeocoderError)

class ConfigurationError[source]

Error raised when a geocoding request was configured incorrectly.

UnrecognizedBenchmarkError (from ConfigurationError)

class UnrecognizedBenchmarkError[source]

Error raised when a benchmark has been specified incorrectly.

UnrecognizedVintageError (from ConfigurationError)

class UnrecognizedVintageError[source]

Error raised when a vintage has been specified incorrectly.

MalformedBatchFileError (from ConfigurationError)

class MalformedBatchFileError[source]

Error raised when a batch file is structured improperly.

NoAddressError (from ConfigurationError)

class NoAddressError[source]

Error raised when there was no address supplied with the request.

NoFileProvidedError (from ConfigurationError)

class NoFileProvidedError[source]

Error raised when a batch file indicated in the request does not exist or cannot be read.

BatchSizeTooLargeError (from ConfigurationError)

class BatchSizeTooLargeError[source]

Error raised when the size of a batch address file exceeds the limit of 10,000 imposed by the Census Geocoder API.

Census Geocoder Warnings

CensusGeocoderWarning (from UserWarning)

class CensusGeocoderWarning[source]

Base warning raised by the Census Geocoder. Inherits from UserWarning.